Kentucky man arrested after police intercept package containing more than 10 pounds of marijauna

Published 6:51 am Saturday, July 9, 2022

A Frankfort man who picked up a package containing more than 10 pounds of marijuana was arrested Wednesday night.

The Lexington Police Department Narcotics Unit intercepted a package sent from Pasadena, California, at UPS in Lexington that was addressed to 51-year-old William Morton.

“The package had signs that gave reasonable suspicion that the package contained illegal narcotics,” an officer wrote in Morton’s arrest citation.

After K9 alerted on the package, a search warrant was written and signed by a Fayette County judge. Police opened the package, which weighed 29 pounds, and found more than 10 pounds of marijuana in 10 separate packages inside.

A controlled delivery was conducted on Warsaw Street in Frankfort and officers arrested Morton after he accepted the package and placed it in the bed of his truck.

He is charged with trafficking in marijuana (more than 5 pounds), first offense, a Class C felony.

Morton was transported to the Franklin County Regional Jail where he is being held on a $20,000 full-cash bond.