Kentucky man charged with assault, unlawful imprisonment after allegedly fracturing woman’s jaw bone

Published 6:03 am Tuesday, February 22, 2022

A Frankfort man is facing a slew of charges including unlawful imprisonment, wanton endangerment and assault after reportedly fracturing the jaw bone of a female victim on Friday night.

At 9:24 p.m., Cade Woods, 38, allegedly grabbed the steering wheel of a vehicle driven by the female victim in an attempt to crash the car they were in on Georgetown Road near the Jim Beam plant. According to the victim, he stated, “I will kill us both.”

The female victim then pulled the vehicle over in the parking lot at Raven Crest Apartments and tried to get away from him. Per a witness who called police, Woods reportedly pulled a glass bottle from his pocket, raised it in the air and threatened to hit her with it.

“He then grabbed her and forced her back into her vehicle against her will,” Woods’ arrest citation states.

The victim told him she didn’t want to get in the car and asked to be let go. The victim reportedly attempted to flee the vehicle again in front of the Jim Beam factory and Woods allegedly chased her down, grabbed her by the hair and punched her in the face with a closed fist.

He forced her back into the vehicle and made her drive to an undisclosed location where he exited the car and ran off, according to the arrest report.

The female victim drove herself to the University of Kentucky hospital to receive medical treatment. She was diagnosed with a closed fracture of the maxilla bone.

She provided Franklin County Sheriff’s deputies with documentation of her medical visit and text messages from Woods, who apologized for hitting her. The female victim told authorities the pair was dating for approximately two weeks prior to the incident.

Woods, who was arrested Sunday, is charged with second-degree assault (domestic violence), a Class C felony; first-degree wanton endangerment and first-degree unlawful imprisonment, both Class D felonies; and menacing, a Class B misdemeanor.

It’s not his first run-in with law enforcement.

In September 2020, he was indicted by a Franklin Circuit Court grand jury on charges of first-degree strangulation, a Class C felony; third-degree assault, a Class D felony; resisting arrest, a Class A misdemeanor; disorderly conduct and menacing, Class B misdemeanors; and two counts of first-degree persistent felony offender.

“He had a woman he said he was in a relationship with,” Franklin Commonwealth’s Attorney Larry Cleveland told The State Journal at the time. “She said they weren’t. They had a discussion. He put his hands on her.”

Frankfort police were called to the scene and the incident continued.

“Then he wanted to put his hands on an officer,” Cleveland said. “He went to jail and he wanted to put his hands on a deputy jailer.

“He was in a belligerent mood that day.”

Woods was also indicted on charges of third-degree assault, a Class D felony, and first-degree persistent felony offender, for the incident at the Franklin County Regional Jail.

He was previously convicted of flagrant non-support in Scott County in 2018, second-degree assault and first-degree wanton endangerment in Franklin County in 2018 and assault under extreme emotional disturbance in Franklin County in 2008.
Woods is being held in the jail on a $10,000 full-cash bond.