Kentucky cemetery sustains $100,000 in damage after DUI incident

Published 5:28 am Sunday, November 28, 2021

Maple Grove cemetery sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage courtesy of a man charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, according to media reports.

Thomas A. Garner allegedly drove his truck off of Bell Court and right into the headstones in the cemetery last Friday (Nov. 19), according to media reports.

Garner was found, still in his truck, by police at the cemetery, according to media reports. Police said Garner’s blood alcohol level was .222. In Kentucky, operating a motor vehicle with blood-alcohol level of .08 is legally considered DUI.

Garner is charged with criminal mischief, operating a motor vehicle under the influence and reckless driving, according to media reports.

Nicholasville Police said cost for repairs to the cemetery could be more than $100,000 with one the damaged monuments having approximate value of $25,000.

Garner was booked at the Jessamine County Detention Center and has since been released.