How much are employees at Kentucky State University making? Here is a breakdown.

Published 6:27 am Friday, August 13, 2021

The State Journal recently received an open records request response revealing annual base salaries for 453 full-time Kentucky State University employees.

Some employees may have left or been hired by the university since this list was generated, and some salaries may have changed.

The salaries do not take into account fringe benefits, stipends, or any payments beyond the employee’s base salary.

Acting President Clara Ross Stamps is the highest-paid employee at the school, making just over $229,000. The highest-paid professor at over $154,000 is Kirk Pomper, Director of Land Grant Programs and Dean of the College of Agriculture, Community and the Sciences. Head Football Coach Charlie Jackson makes the most of any non-academic staffer at $163,000.

As of July 30, KSU paid 681 people, including full- and part-time employees. Of the 453 full-time employees on payroll as of Aug. 5, 115 were marked as professors.

The average annual base salary for a full-time employee is $58,570. For those full-time employees marked as professors on the records provided by KSU, the average salary is $75,213. The median household income for Franklin County, per the latest U.S. Census data, is $56,274.

Employees of KSU made roughly $29.77 million annually as of July 30. The school’s operating budget for this fiscal year is just under $50 million.

Judith Wilde, professor at George Mason University’s Schar School of Policy and Government, and James Finkelstein who is professor emeritus at the same school, specialize in researching university presidents’ contracts and pay-related issues in higher education.

After reviewing KSU’s salaries for all employees, they said that there was a stark gap between administrator pay and professor pay — but that the same gap existed in most universities.

“This is part of a national trend,” Finkelstein said.

Finkelstein added that the trend noticed by those who follow higher education is the stagnancy of faculty salaries while salaries for administrators continue to grow. Each year, they said, the gap grows larger.

He and Wilde said that KSU’s gap between professors and administrators wasn’t as stark as it is at some other universities.
“There is a discrepancy, but not necessarily worse than anywhere else,” Finkelstein said. “… It’s more or less what you might expect — not too, terribly bad. There wasn’t quite the number of assistant deans, associate VPs and all those people with exaggerated titles as you might see elsewhere. So the discrepancy here isn’t as great as what we see in some major research universities.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s data corroborates this. KSU’s salaries were the lowest of any other public school in Kentucky with data available for the 2018-2019 academic year at $64,597. The University of Kentucky was paying professors, on average, almost twice as much.

Former president Brown contract

Former KSU president M. Christopher Brown II, had a base salary of $270,000, but bonuses and other incentives brought that number higher than $400,000.

A Herald-Leader analysis of Brown’s pay concluded that he made roughly $425,000.

The State Journal obtained Brown’s contract as well as all variations and addendums to the contract.

The Lexington newspaper found that Brown was granted a $43,200 bonus after receiving a glowing performance review from a consultant with the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges.

In addition to a number of performance and retention incentives, as well as cost of living increases, the board voted in 2019 to allow Brown to live outside of the presidential mansion. The board also awarded him a monthly housing allowance of $4,030, or $48,360 annually.

Wilde and Finkelstein characterized Brown’s overall contract as “fairly lucrative” for a school the size of KSU, but noted that his housing allowance was unusually large. In their analysis of several major university presidential contracts, they said about one third of those contracts included housing allowances. The  allowances in the study ranged from $19,000 to $70,000 annually.
“And none of those institutions are as small as KSU,” Wilde added.

In the wake of his positive performance review, Brown was granted a contract extension on June 3 that gave him another four years as the school’s top administrator.

Brown resigned from his post amid questions about the school’s finances, some of which were forwarded by members of the board of regents to the governor’s office, on July 20


KSU full-time salaries

Payroll Name Job Title Description Annual Salary
Ross Stamps, Clara Acting President $229,243.56
Hamilton, Leroy Provost & VP for Academic Affairs $216,000.00
Yates, Lucian Executive Director, West Louisville HBCU Expansion $192,055.08
Rush, Gregory M Vice President for Finance Administration $180,000.00
Jackson, Charlie Head Coach Men’s Football $163,017.72
Schneller, Beverly VP for Academic Quality Research & Innovation $154,283.76
Pomper, Kirk W Dean Dir Land Grant Professor 12 mth $154,205.52
Level, Alvin E Director of Bands Asst. Prof 12 mth $145,249.92
Tidwell, James Henry Chair Professor 12 Mth $142,466.88
Dixie, Wendy Denise Chief Information Officer Computer Services $134,997.72
King Jr., Berkley Vice Provost for Academic Affairs $132,000.00
Adams, Anthony Professor $128,461.80
Deams, Pernella Interim Vice Pres. Stud Engagement Campus lif $126,414.72
Lang, Lisa Kathleen General Counsel & Records Custodian $125,829.24
Powell-Young, Yolanda Michelle Professor $120,676.32
Thompson, Darryl Dewayne Assistant VP Institutional Advancement $117,000.00
Sedlacek, John David Chair Professor 12 mth $114,300.60
Harris, James Internal Auditor $112,074.60
Forde, Timothy Assoc. Professor 12 mth $112,000.08
Owens, Courtney T Int Assoc Extension Admin Asst Prof 12 mth $111,074.04
Gyawali, Buddhi Raj Professor 12 mth Lead Sci $110,644.20
Andries, Kenneth Michael Assoc Dean Int Dir Grad Prg Assoc Prof 12 mth $108,668.76
McFayden, Elgie Chester Chair Associate Professor 12 mth $106,030.56
Tope, Avinash M Associate Prof 12 mth & Lead Scientist $103,658.76
Cable, Paul Director of Capital Planning &Facilities Mgmt $101,886.24
Holloway, Charles Vice Provost Student Success $101,886.24
Williams, Frederick Alvin Assistant Professor/Chair Social Work $100,969.92
Durborow, Robert Maurice Act Assoc RD Int Asst Research Dir Prof 12 mt $99,592.92
Raglin, Candace Director of Human Resources $98,829.48
Han, Shuo Deputy General Counsel General Counsel $97,810.68
Broaddus, Mary Ellen Assistant Professor 12 mth $97,319.52
Turay, Abdul M Professor $97,164.00
Cribbs, Christopher David State Spec Entrepr & Exten AreaDir Extension $96,791.52
Johnson, Ramon Athletics Director $96,000.00
Simon, Marion Faye Professor Extension 12 mth $95,814.36
Gomelsky, Boris I Professor 12 mth $95,669.16
Williams, Jennifer Director of BREDS Office $94,753.80
Brooks-Eaves, Mindy Assistant Professor/Chair Social Work $92,665.20
Coulson-Clark, Margery Professor/Executive Director University Colle $92,665.08
Grimes, Kristopher R Assoc Professor 12 mth State Spec Lead Sci $92,388.84
Slater, Terrance Damond Head Women’s Basketball Coach $91,697.40
Todd, Samantha Ann APRN $91,391.76
Walston, Herman Ervin Professor 9 Mth $91,226.16
Antonious, George Fouad Professor 12 mth $90,416.28
DeCourcy, Michael Executive Director for Institutional Advancem $90,169.08
Ighile, Faith Director, Graduate Nursing Programs $90,000.00
Love, Daryl Executive Director Career Services $90,000.00
Gebremedhin, Maheteme T Associate Professor 12 mth $89,922.48
Keese, Russelle Daniels Executive Director of Financial Aid $89,659.80
Young, Allison P Assoc Prof 12 mth Prog Leader FCS $89,435.40
Fields, Edward Enterprise System Manager $89,150.16
Ray, Andrew James Associate Professor 12 mth Lead Sci $88,532.40
Lay, Jerusha Jessica Assistant Professor 12 mth $88,527.12
Obielodan, James B Professor $88,054.80
Taylor, Tierra F Chair/Professor 12 Mth $87,890.04
Free, Travella R Asst Prof 12 mth Prog Leader 4-H $87,306.24
Calix, Nancy C Asst Ext Admin for County Operations $86,603.28
Satram-Hale, Hannah Bettice Title IX Coordinator/Title VII Investigator/S $86,603.04
Wang, Changzheng Professor 12 mth $86,097.84
Webster, Thomas C Professor 12 mth $86,097.84
Sipes, Kimberly A Assistant Professor 9 mth $86,030.64
Clay, Phillip H Assoc Prof Disability Resource Coord 12 mth $85,936.44
Emanuel, Stashia Lynn Assistant Executive Director $85,641.24
Whittinghill, Leigh Jane Assistant Professor 12 mth $84,315.84
Bernard, Marcus Associate Professor 12 mth $83,045.88
Gonsalves, Wanda Professor of Nursing 12 Mth $83,045.88
Carr, Tanya Damon Director of Communication $82,782.36
Sanders, Sonia Patrick Director Of Public Engagement $82,782.36
Yang, Eric Dir International Affairs & Global Ag Prog $82,527.84
Banerjee, Swagata Associate Professor 9mth $82,319.28
Stratton, Gary Reed Associate Professor 9 mth $82,319.28
Glenn, Micah Director of Grants and Sponsored Programs $81,999.96
Shen, Chi Professor $81,993.48
Hayden, Arthur Christopher Associate Professor $81,982.08
Finley, Gill M Program Leader in Community Resource Developm $81,508.80
Burton, Jessica Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable $81,508.68
Smith, Alicia Director of Payroll $81,508.68
Finn, Lechrista M Associate Professor 12 mth $80,969.88
Rhodus, Ashley Abshire Fiscal & Compliance Dir & Budget Analyst $80,693.76
Hayes, Barbara Police Captain $80,501.64
Zamora, Diomides Santos Asst Prof Forestry $80,000.04
Gilliam, Erin Danielle Int Dean Associate Professor 9 Mth $79,594.20
Benson, Yolanda C Registrar $78,961.68
Olden, Farida Azzouz Associate Professor 12 mth $78,810.72
Hamilton, Paul Assistant Mens Football coach $78,452.28
Rossi, Waldemar Assistant Professor Research 12 mth $78,271.08
Milton, Whitni Janel Assistant Professor 9 Mth $78,270.84
Robinson, Eric Nathaniel Manager HSE Safety $77,942.88
Mallory, Lloyd Choral Director Assoc. Professor of Music $77,855.76
Walker, Jerome J Infrastructure Manager $77,710.20
Kobayashi, Hideka Assoc/Full Professor $76,921.44
Shabazz, David Assoc Chair Assoc Professor 12 mth $76,760.28
Lucas, Shawn T Assistant Professor 12 mth $76,651.44
Semmens, Kenneth Associate Professor 12 mth $76,651.44
Dodds, James D Enterprise Systems Admin $76,414.68
Brown, Deanna Title III Director $76,414.56
Sims, Arlen Acting Dean of Students $76,414.56
Desborde, Rene D Professor 9 mth $75,706.80
Average KSU professor salary (unofficial) $75,213
Bigdeli Jahed, Fariba Associate Professor 9 mth $74,897.16
Amadife, Nkechi G Professor $74,816.16
Wicker, Scott Interim Chair/Assoc Prof 12 mth $74,741.40
Stuckey, Sheila Arnetta Dir II Librarian Assoc Prof 12 mth $73,952.64
Jones, Christina Budget Manager $73,867.32
Ramon, Donavan L. Assistant Professor 9 Mth $73,142.88
Dunn, Erica Monique Director of Student Support Services $72,746.64
Borne, Elise A Paralegal General Counsel/ Board Professional $72,072.00
Dailey, Michael Director of Instructional Design $71,320.32
Jackson, Jamaal R Head Coach Men’s Basketball Men’s Basketball $71,320.32
Rozmaity, Andrey Nikolay Technical Services Coordinator $71,320.32
Thompson, Kenneth R State Specialist 4H Youth Development $71,320.32
Susanto-Ong, Yuliana Director Instit Res and Effect Institutional $70,001.76
Graves, Lauren B Director Institutional Effect VP AAP $69,282.36
Thomas, Reginald L Assistant Professor 9 mth $69,094.20
Bebe, Frederick N Assistant Professor Research 12 mth $68,824.44
Novelo, Noel D Int Asst Professor Research Assoc 12 mth $68,513.16
Amadife, Emmanuel N Professor 9 mth $68,284.68
McGee, Sharon R Librarian Professor Dir 12 mth $68,284.68
Thomas, Dennis R Production Coordinator Research $67,650.60
Ballard-Kang, Jennifer Assistant Professor 9 mth $67,475.04
Hannemann, Jens Associate Professor 9 mth $67,475.04
Maiti, Richard Assistant Professor  9 mths $67,475.04
Marraccini, Patricia Ann Assistant Professor 9 mth $67,475.04
Wise, Clifton Ray Assistant  Professor 9 mth $67,475.04
Dunn, Cheryl Lynette Senior Executive Assistant $66,225.96
Duvall, Jacqueline Assoc. Athletics Director Sr. Women’s Admin. $66,225.96
Wynne, Forrest S State Specialist Aqua Pod $66,130.32
Javed, Kazi Rahman Associate Professor 9 mth $66,125.52
Hager, Janelle Vera State Specialist Aquaponics $66,124.08
McCutchen, Keith Dwayne Director Choir Assoc Prof 9 mth $65,855.64
Osbourne, Jesse Dale Comm and Pub Specialist Public Relations $65,207.16
Hawkins, Marva Assistant Director of BREDS Office for Enroll $65,000.04
Anthony, Takeia Associate Professor – School of Humanities $64,500.00
Conwell, Delandual Lee Comp Coord Ops Database Spec Finance & Busi $64,432.80
Hicks, Lori Celeste Assoc. Professor 12 mth $64,308.84
Cochran, Nathan M Asst Football Coach $64,188.36
Obi, Sunday C Professor 9 mth $63,966.24
Johnson, Leslye Human Resources Manager $63,678.60
Turner, Lisa Adams Assistant Professor 9 mth $63,426.36
Smith, Peter A Professor 9 mth $63,156.48
Eldridge, Rachel D Fiscal Coordinator Research $63,000.00
Rajendran, Narayanan Professor 9 mth $62,886.60
McCoy, Rebecca J Assistant Professor 9 Mth $62,616.84
Mosley, Jennifer Registered Nurse $62,400.00
Nesbitt, Patrese Ann Asst Prof 9 Mth HPer $62,284.68
Witty, Barbara Jean Asst Professor Criminal Justice $62,284.68
Nichols, Charles R Assistant Professor $61,652.28
Bates, Ashley Marie Media and Communications Manager $61,641.00
Mishra, Nilima State Ext Spec for Dietetics and Human Nutrit $61,410.84
Hopkins, Charles Quality Control Coach $61,131.84
Caul-Jackson, Christina Director of Academic Support $61,131.60
Clement, Emily Anne Veterinary Technologist Extension $61,131.60
Davis, Christopher Michael Graphics Designer Student Affairs $61,131.60
Gamberg, Amy Sr. Executive  Assistant $61,131.60
Goins, Megan Marie Int Farm Manager Ext Assoc $61,131.60
Lawrence, Whitney Nicole Assistant Professor $61,131.60
Mattox, Vincent D Dual Credit Coordinator Dual Credit $61,131.60
Yates, Katianna Lynn Director of Campus Life $61,131.60
Rimolo De Rienzi, Mirta M Assistant Professor 9 Mth $60,727.56
Griffin, Robert M Dir of Band Assoc Prof 9 mth $60,471.36
Garrett, James Director of Residence Life $60,000.00
Lewis, Edgar Interventionist/Mental Health Counselor $60,000.00
Collum, Daniel D Professor 9 mth $59,647.80
East, Tonika Associate Director Career Services $59,094.00
Williams, Wyvette Anita Senior Graphics Designer $59,094.00
Haskins, Travis Eugene Director of Academic Advising $59,093.88
Average full-time employee salary $58,570
Plummer, Roderick Assistant Football Coach Men’s Football $58,075.20
Merlino, Mara Lee Professor 9 mth $58,028.40
Tate, Debbra F Associate Professor $57,245.76
Polson, Suzette Associate Professor 9 mth $57,218.64
Bright, Leigh Anne Sr Research Assoc&Assoc Grad Coord Aqua Pod $57,158.28
Crabtree, Sheri Beth Sr Res.Exten Assoc – Horticulture $57,158.28
Nelson, Joni N Mgr CSFF & Sr Ext Assoc $57,158.28
Coyle, Shawn D Res Asso & Fac Mgr AqTech Bldg Aquaculture $57,158.04
Lowe, Jeremiah D Research Assoc & Equip Mgr Atwood $57,158.04
Omar, Eslam Assistant Professor Public Administration $57,094.08
Johnson, Carol Executive Administrative Assistant $57,000.00
Hampton, Dantrea R Librarian Asst Prof 12 mth $56,679.00
Franklin County Median Household Income $56,274
Bates, Kenneth Jay Geospatial Extension Spec Research $56,228.76
Brogan, Shannon Marie Professor 9 Mth $56,112.24
Douglas, Adrian Ann Grant Manager $56,037.48
Johnson, Irma S Coordinator II SVE Learning $56,037.48
Combest, Samantha Jo Accounting Manager $56,037.12
Lee, Leiandra Rennae Assistant Director Financial Aid $56,037.12
Spence-Gigger, Tia Research Analyst $56,037.12
Crawley, Lane Police Officer $55,993.60
Keith, Shimar Anton Research Analyst $55,969.56
Sharma, Rita Associate Professor 9 mth $55,329.36
Fallis, Paul Mechanical Services Manager $55,099.20
Level, Churi Lorine Coordinator of Cohort Support $55,018.44
Halliday, Leah Marie Instructional Designer $54,999.96
Khatiwada, Dharma Assistant Professor of Physics $54,999.84
Lyttle-Burns, Gussie Ann Assistant Professor History $54,999.84
Rogers, Johnathan Assistant Professor of Mathematics 9 mth $54,999.84
Langley, Maia Administrative Assistant III $54,990.00
Huang, Michael Lingyu Research Associate Food & Animal Sciences $54,744.00
Lai, Alexander Ck Associate Professor 9 mth $54,411.72
Elliott, John Gary Associate Professor 9 mth $53,979.96
Crawford, William M Community Outreach Coordinator Extension $53,795.76
Mason, Thea Director of Testing Center $53,490.12
Bellman, Katherine BREDS Recruitment & CRM Manager $52,980.72
Benge, Christopher Houston Title III Coordinator $52,980.72
Love, Krissalyn Director First & Second Yr Experience $52,980.72
Torain, Tebony N Director of Upward Bound Asst Prov Outreach $52,980.72
Blackburn, Billy Joe Trades Manager  Facilities Service $52,977.60
Washington, John A Boiler Plant Supervisor Boiler Plant $52,977.60
Yett, Issac R Grounds/Housekeeping Manager $52,977.60
Abrokwa, Joe Nkansah Instructional Laboratories Mgr Math And Scien $52,961.16
Sandifer, Jeremy D Sr Exten & Research Assoc in Stem Outreach $52,675.32
Lu, Li Associate Professor 9 mth $52,630.56
Reilly, Wilfred Assoc Professor 9 mth $52,630.56
Barr, Mary Assistant Professor 9 mth $52,360.56
Batra, Jyotica Assistant Professor 9 mth $52,360.56
Washington, Gavin P Associate Professor 9 mth $52,360.56
Kentucky median household income $52,295
Caudle, Lawrence Thomas 4-H Extension Associate $52,000.08
Townsend, Casey Harlee 4-H Extension Associate $52,000.08
English, Katrina Head Coach Men’s/Women’s Volleyball $51,999.96
Birch, Saundra Faye Technology Coordinator $51,961.92
Chavous, Edwin Wendell Area Small Farm Agent I Food & Animal Scien $51,961.92
Cochran, Nathan J Distance Ed and Online Prog I Aqua Pod $51,961.92
Friley, Karen Lynn Research AssociateIII Ag & Natural Resource $51,961.92
Lewis, Stephen G Extension Agent Horticulture $51,961.92
Turley, Eric Todd Research Associate II Environ Studies & Sus $51,961.92
Weibel, Charles R Media and Tech Coord I Research $51,961.92
Ong, Andy Land Grant Facilities Manager Extension $51,961.32
Brown-Price, Linda Odessa Area Specialist Family & Consumer Sci $51,296.52
Capriles, Nancy Del Rosario Associate Professor 9 Mth $51,280.80
Glass, Cynthia Stallard Associate Professor 9 Mth $51,280.80
Brown, Karen Denise Executive Admin. Assistant $50,943.00
Gurtowski, Kevin Extension Associate- GOAP & Forestry Ext $50,943.00
Palmer, Jonathan L Video Production Assistant and Photographer $50,943.00
Rosenbach, Kathryn Marie Sr. HR Generalist $50,943.00
Ross, Louis Andrew Manager of  Environmental Education Research $50,943.00
Alexander, Jameeca N Administrative Assistant III General Counsel $50,934.00
Renfroe-Adams, Brigitte J Sr Plumber $50,856.00
Matisoff, Martin A Sr Research Associate Ag & Natural Resource $50,433.72
Valentine, Monica M Assistant Professor 9 mth $50,201.40
Berry, Monique Assistant Director of Residence Life $50,000.04
Ikard, Trumell Stevon Instructor $50,000.04
Johnson, Rozina Assistant Professor of English $50,000.04
Royalty, John Thomas Instructor $50,000.04
Fleckenstein, Leo John Research and Extension Associate $49,924.20
Walter, Bobby C Ref/Distance Educ Instructor 12 mth $49,827.60
Simmons, Clayton L Compliance Coordinator $49,007.16
McGee, Amy Melissa Sr.Grant & Administrative Assist $48,906.00
Bryant, Richard Cameron Extension Associate $48,905.40
Harriford, Kimberly L Football Relations & Administrative Support $48,905.16
Murphy, Diane Ray Graphics Designer Univ Admin External Rel & $48,905.16
Davis, Jerry Wayne Coordinator II Financial Aid $48,750.00
Kashan, Fariba N Assistant Professor 9 mth $48,582.00
Smith, Helen Margaret Associate Professor 9 mth $48,582.00
Farrell, Andre Coordinator of Student Athlete Academic Succe $48,000.00
Means, Jameelah Assistant Registrar $48,000.00
Osterman, Stefanie Cruz Coordinator of Land Grant Program Affairs $48,000.00
Thompson, Jody Interim Research and Extension Associate $48,000.00
Rogers, Laura Ann Small Farms Agent Food & Animal Sciences $47,886.48
Edelen, Deborah Lynn Accountant II $47,886.36
Palmer, Adriana C Director of Orientation and Pre-College Progr $47,886.36
Sweazy, Gidgett SNAP-Ed Program Coordinator Extension $47,886.36
Meade, Rebecca Licensed Practical Nurse $47,775.00
Agnew, Devin Disability/Testing Coordinator $46,999.92
Baker, Destini R Peer Training Coordinator $46,999.92
Hampton, Rachel Learning Management System Coordinator $46,999.92
Wilcox, Ed E Geospatial Extension watershed Research $46,867.80
Milligan, Louis D Extension Agent 4H & Youth Dev Family & Con $46,867.68
Patel, Shreya Vikram Research Associate Food & Animal Sciences $46,867.68
Thompson, Patrice N Extension Agent-4H Family & Consumer Sci $46,867.68
Deramus, Chandra Ext Agent Fam&Consumer Science Family & Con $46,867.56
Manley, Robert Locksmith II O&M Residence Life $46,862.40
Douthitt, Brandon Assistant Professor 9 mth $46,713.36
Griffis, Bruce P Assistant Professor 9 mth $46,692.72
Brockington, Tiffany E. Program Coordinator $46,623.00
Boggs, Harold A Electrician II Electrical Services $46,612.80
Longstreet, Fulvia G Administrative Assistant III $46,390.50
Tutt, Jamie First and Second Yr Success Specialist $46,358.16
Olds, Amy Executive Administrative Assistant – SECL $45,999.96
Schweickart, Otto Henry Research Assistant Research $45,883.50
Abbott, Wendy Social Media Coordinator and Media Assistant $45,864.00
Behrends, Matthew William Interim Research Associate $45,848.76
Boatman-Parks, Shirley Accountant I $45,848.76
Brown, Bethany Grants  Accountant $45,848.76
Brown-Patterson, Turquoise M Nutrition Program Coordinator $45,848.76
Carter, Louis Jene Interim FCS Extension Agent – Jefferson Count $45,848.76
Gullett, Lora E Extension Area Agent $45,848.76
Haney, John Research & Extension Associate $45,848.76
Henry, Robert Allen Head Coach Baseball Men’s Baseball $45,848.76
Johnson, Karla H Grant Accountant I $45,848.76
Kring, Nathan Alexander Research Associate Aquaculture $45,848.76
Marquez Cordova, Jessica G Area Agent I $45,848.76
Mullins, Caitlin J Temporary Research Assoc $45,848.76
Palmer, Joseph Hayes Interim Research Associate $45,848.76
Preece, Brandon Michael Research and Extension Associate $45,848.76
Rice, Cynthia C Interim Research and Extension Associate $45,848.76
Ross, Patricia D Executive Administrative $45,848.76
Shrestha, Sandesh Temporary Research Associate $45,848.76
Trivette, Thomas G Interim Extension Associate $45,848.76
Vincent, Jacob R Greenhouse Manager $45,848.76
Walling, Chelsea T Interim Extension and Research Associate $45,848.76
Warner, Jeffrey Research&Extension Assoc Aquaculture Genetics $45,848.76
Whitworth, Daniel Bernard Assistant Professor of Low Brass $45,848.76
Davis, Ellsworth E Electrician $45,843.20
Felder, Chandee R Administrative Assistant III $45,201.00
Ward, Cecil Head Men’s/Women’s Track & Field Coach $45,000.00
Roberts, Monique A Administrative Assistant III $44,830.50
Flowers, Christian Sports Information Director $43,999.92
Rogers, William Allen Research and Extension Assistant $43,816.50
Auberry, William Paul Interim Farm Mgr Aquaculture $43,811.04
Mynk, William Lane Counselor Health Services Alcohol & Drug Pr $43,811.04
Davis, Willie Instructor 9 Mth $43,183.80
Smoot-Baker, Ashlie Channelle Interim Dir Please Call Me Mister Proj $42,792.24
Jacobs, Joyua Kanina Counselor $42,792.00
Montgomery-Persons, Rebecca M Accounts Payable Analyst $42,792.00
Robertson, Neni Buyer I $42,792.00
Rucker-Taylor, Sophia L Auxillary Specialist $42,792.00
Shaw, Monique Nichole Office Manager $42,792.00
Tolbert, Danyel Doneen Cash and Collections Coordinat Bursar $42,792.00
Wickers, Keith D Systems Analyst Financial Aid Financial Aid $42,531.36
Smith, Laquida Renee Instructor 9 Mth $42,042.00
Tutt, Michael BREDS Specialist $42,000.00
McGaughey-Summers, Deanna Assistant Professor English 9 mth $41,999.88
Nix, Keturah Assistant Professor English 9 mth $41,999.88
Crowe, Bryan David Systems Administrator Computer &Technology $41,569.44
Vandiver, Bailey Interim Media and Communications Editor $41,340.00
Harrod, Stephen Lee Automotive Mechanic, Senior Environ Studies $40,768.00
Doyle, Elizabeth K Administrative Assistant III $40,755.00
Few, Nicole Records Management Clerk Financial Aid $40,755.00
Miller, Jessica Lynne Administrative Assistant III Aquaculture $40,755.00
Noel, M Allison Administrative Assistant III Research $40,755.00
Owens, Jackie Lynn Administrative Assistant III Extension $40,755.00
Wollman, Jack Lee Administrative Assistant II College Of Prof $40,755.00
Spiggle, Shelley Sharp Sr. Program Asst $40,754.64
Barber, Danielle Marie Benefit Specialist $40,754.40
Miller, Sydnie Nicole Student Support Services Coordinator $40,735.50
Chappel, David Kristopher Interim Jr. Video Editor $40,579.50
Glasscock, Laura Assistant Professor 9 mth $40,485.00
Hunter, Jeffery Police Officer $40,102.40
Carney, Cheyney University College Advisor II $39,999.96
Davidson, Alona Nasha BREDS Specialist $39,999.96
Hadaidi, Sarah Instructor $39,999.96
McCoy, Lauren Transcript and Transfer Analyst $39,999.96
Watters, Tishara University College Advisor II $39,999.96
Herve, Keymia Academic Coach – Upward Bound $39,735.60
Barfield, Dorothy Allison Program Asst County Ops & Spec Proj $39,390.00
Brown, Octavia UC Academic Advisor $39,353.52
Allen, Kristy M Research Assistant Research $38,766.00
Armstrong, Dawson Anthony Research Assistant Aquaculture $38,766.00
Barmore, Kimberly Ann Research & Exten Asst Organic Ag $38,766.00
Carrington, Dakarai Peterson Research and Extension Asst-Value Add Process $38,766.00
Claiborn, Trevor M Extension Assistant – Small Farms $38,766.00
Croft, Catherine Geraldine Interim Extension Assistant $38,766.00
Fisk, Jill Christine Interim Research Assistant $38,766.00
Gootee, Kaitlynn Marie Interim Extension Asst Env Ed $38,766.00
Hartell, Amber Nicole Research Assistant Food & Animal Sciences $38,766.00
Jackson, Christine Leigh Interim Research and Extension Assistant $38,766.00
Johannemann, Mark E Temporary Research Asst $38,766.00
Kelso, John Russell Extension and Research Assistant $38,766.00
McCoun, Megan June Research and Extension Assistant $38,766.00
Miller, Kasondra Kay Interim Research and Extension Assistant $38,766.00
Paxton, Rance Bradley Research Asst Ag & Div of Envi Studies & Sust $38,766.00
Ries, Ian A Interim Extension Asst Env Ed $38,766.00
Stonewall, McKinley Research Assistant $38,766.00
Van Sanford, Blake Research & Exten Asst Organic Ag $38,766.00
Walker, Brian Kirtley Extension Assistant  4-H $38,766.00
Schwab, Corinne Mae Heath & Safety Coordinator Safety $38,207.40
Pruitt, Patrick O Security Officer $38,147.20
Maynard, Whitney Tara Interim Research Assistant $38,044.50
Akins, Clyde Administrative Assistant III $37,986.00
Armes, Barry Scott Help Desk Technician II $37,752.00
Daniels, John Carpenter $37,440.00
Williams, Lee F Team Leader Housekeeping $37,086.40
Coulter-Gause, Rachel Career Navigator $36,991.50
Wilson, Veronica J Housekeeping Supervisor $36,878.40
Whitted, Alyson Hope Student Records Coordinator $36,757.50
Ashcraft, Rachelle Accounts Payable Clerk $36,679.50
Collins, Larma Washington Student Counselor Bursar $36,679.50
Hardin, Christa Purchasing Buyer $36,679.08
Matlock, Jahrod Quality Control Coach $36,424.32
Walker, Roy Quality Control Coach $36,424.32
Allen, Joseph E Media Production Technician II Research $36,238.80
Hannah, Kennedy Jarrell Mentor Fac and After School Ed Child Dev An $36,238.80
Morton, David S Coach/ Compliance Officer Athletic Administ $36,238.80
Smith, Shaun Andre Asst Coach Men’s Basketball Men’s Basketball $36,238.80
Thomas, Nandi I HR Generalist $36,238.80
Morgan, Jonathan S Motor Pool Manager Motor Pool $36,025.60
Day, Brittnie Purchasing Buyer $36,000.00
Haile, Aster Administrative Assistant III $35,997.00
Rankin, Michael Dion Farm Technician Research $35,763.00
Wetenkamp, Stuart Joseph Farm Technician $35,763.00
Ellison, Jonicia Alexandria Payroll Analyst $35,665.50
Hodge, Kimberly Lynn Administrative Assistant III $35,665.50
Brown, Stephen M HVAC Mechanic II Mechanical Services $35,651.20
Herve, Kendra Human Resources Assistant $35,646.00
Anderson, Kerisha BREDS  Data Specialist $35,568.00
Blair, Terrance William Residence Director $35,568.00
Brewer, George Asst Football Coach $35,568.00
Colbert, Danielle UC Academic Advisor $35,568.00
Francis, Phillip UC Academic Advisor $35,568.00
Gates-Norris, Zion Residence Hall Director $35,568.00
Mozee, Roderick Academic Advisor $35,568.00
Sanks, Manassas Residence Hall Director $35,568.00
Viger, Mitchell Asst. Football Coach $35,568.00
West, Dakota Carpenter $35,360.00
Colten, Nathaniel Josef Farm Technician $35,334.00
Jones, Ramonia A Custodian-Team Lead $33,904.00
Douthitt, Connie BREDS Office Coordinator $33,774.00
Jackson, Pauline D Custodian II Aqua Pod $33,092.80
Blankenship, Dana Custodian Housekeeping $32,843.20
Robinson, Robert Housekeeping $32,843.20
Tillman, Hope Housekeeping $32,843.20
Clark, Tameka Chavon Student Counselor Bursar $32,779.50
Terry, K’ori Farm Technician Horticulture $32,604.00
Anderson, Gregory Thomas Locksmith I $32,593.60
Edwards, Roger D Stationary Fireman II Boiler Plant $32,219.20
Skelton, Steven Taylor Farm Technician II Research $32,097.00
Raffaele, Kathleen Marie SNAP Program Assistant Family & Consumer Sc $31,785.00
Burse, Clarice Y Custodian II Housekeeping $31,782.40
Childs, Ben Andrew Dispatcher University Police $31,782.40
Cooper, Ron Allen Custodian I $31,782.40
Davis, Jesse Lamar Groundskeeper II Grounds $31,782.40
Grimes, Greg Groundskeeper I $31,782.40
Hager, Linda Dispatcher $31,782.40
Harding, Cynthia Security Officer $31,782.40
Jackson, Calvin L Dispatcher University Police $31,782.40
Jolly, Dakota Groundskeeper I $31,782.40
Moore, Monikha M Custodian $31,782.40
Nicholson, Melvin D Custodian I $31,782.40
Pulliam, Darrell W Stationary Fireman II Boiler Plant $31,782.40
Robertson, Robert Earl Groundskeeper I $31,782.40
Segar, Philip Driver/Facilities Specialist Facilities Ser $31,782.40
Sharp, Billy W Stock Clerk Warehouse $31,782.40
Spencer, Kenneth L Tradesman $31,782.40
Stallard, Clarence Edward Stationary Fireman II Boiler Plant $31,782.40
Tracy, Leon Painter Facilities Service $31,782.40
Wash, Tony A Stationary Fireman II Boiler Plant $31,782.40
Washington, Lowell Whitney Stock Clerk Warehouse $31,782.40
Woolums, Eric B Painter Facilities Service $31,782.40
Cockrell, George Driver/Facilities Specialist $31,200.00
Dennis, Amanda Custodian  Housekeeping $31,200.00
Adams, Danny A Small Farm Assistant III Food & Animal Scie $29,815.50
Crawford, Patty Telephone Operator $29,796.00
Fraley, Sara Student Support Specialist II $29,796.00
Harbut, Jhamicah M Extension Assistant Extension $29,796.00
Harden, Kenyarna Christy Library Assistant I Director Blazer Library $29,796.00
Hargrave, John R Help Desk Technician Tier III $29,796.00
Jenkins, Maurisha C Library Assistant I Director Blazer Library $29,796.00
Johnson, DeNayus Campus Life Assistant $29,796.00
Munoz, Andrea Soledad SNAP Program Assistant Family & Consumer Sc $29,796.00
Price, Rachel Marie SNAP Program Assistant $29,796.00
Reed, Jessica Diane SNAP Program Assistant Family & Consumer Sc $29,796.00
Robinson, Emma Nichols Extension Assistant Extension $29,796.00
Smith, Laykin Nashae SNAP Program Assistant Family & Consumer Sc $29,796.00
Troxell, Tammy Office Administrator $29,250.00
Williams, Amani N Athletic Liaison $29,250.00
Grugin, Michael D. Golf Coach $28,528.08