Kentucky State University facing lawsuits that allege misconduct by administrators

Published 6:29 am Sunday, June 13, 2021

Kentucky State University is facing several lawsuits that allege misconduct by administrators, including President M. Christopher Brown II, per a report by the Herald-Leader published on Friday.

The lawsuits range from the firing of a whistleblower who complained of alleged sexual harassment of students by former university officials to a now-settled complaint alleging that Brown “improperly interfered” in the bidding process for a student dining contract.

Of note, another lawsuit alleged that Brown used crude or offensive language to refer to women’s appearance, including “ratchet, ugly and dirty,” as well as “kitchen bitch.” The school denied this claim in its court response, per the Herald-Leader.

In a statement sent out to the campus community following the article’s publication, Brown said that he was “struck by how far our campus community has come” during his tenure.

“Earlier today I read an article examining the experiences of several former Kentucky State University students and employees,” Brown wrote. “I was immediately struck by how far our campus community has come over the last four years and equally weighted by the need to redouble our efforts toward creating a healthy, strong, and sustainable campus community. Every student, professor, staff member, and visitor to our campus deserves the right to learn, work, and live in an environment free of intimidation, offense, or fear.”

Brown also said that a campus climate and culture assessment survey was forthcoming, and that prior to the article’s publication the university had engaged a company to assist in “developing best-practices for creating a climate of compliance and support for individuals who unfortunately experience harassment, hostility and/or retaliation.”

In an interview with the Herald Leader, Brown said that he would not talk about any specific allegations made in lawsuits “past, present or future.”