Kentucky community rallies to replace stolen water table for 8-year-old with cerebral palsy

Published 5:27 am Thursday, June 10, 2021

Chuck and Abby Robinson came home one day recently to find their son Gideon’s water table was missing from their yard.

“We came home one day and it was gone,” Chuck said. “We don’t know when or what happened.”

Friends encouraged Abby to post the disappearance on Facebook, saying with the size of Frankfort and the unique quality of the water table they might find out what happened to it.

Instead, the Robinsons found a community willing to help.

Members of the Franklin County Fire Department built a new water table for Gideon and delivered it to the family Monday evening.

“It was nowhere on our radar for people to do this,” Abby said.

“And it was never an ask,” Chuck added.

Chuck built the first water table last year for Gideon’s birthday.

“Gideon is 8, and most water tables are made for toddlers, so Chuck custom built one,” Abby said. “He made it of wood so it’s sturdy. The ones for toddlers are plastic, and Gideon is so strong he could knock it over.”

With the price of lumber skyrocketing in the past year and the time it takes to build a water table, the Robinsons didn’t have immediate plans to replace it.

“With the world opening up, we’ve been able to go to some splash pads and had things to do,” Abby said. “We thought we’d roll with it and see what happened.”

Gideon, who has cerebral palsy, wasn’t without a water table for long.

The firefighters were able to build the new water table in 24 hours.

“They didn’t want anything from us at all,” Abby said. “We were blessed, and then they were blessed when they went to Lowe’s.” Lowe’s donated all the supplies for the project.

“They didn’t let the firefighters spend one cent on supplies,” Abby said.