Man invades house, ties up siblings who were attending online classes

Published 6:43 am Sunday, February 7, 2021

Two teens were home alone attending online classes when multiple suspects invaded their house, tied them up and ransacked the place.

Houston, Texas, police are searching for up to three suspects who they believe victimized the teenage siblings Thursday. The 16-year-old boy and 18-year-old girl were logged into their virtual classes when they heard noises in the house.

When the boy went to check out the noise, he was confronted by an armed man who demanded money and other belongings. The man used zip ties and a television cord to tie the teens up and proceeded with the help of other individuals to ransack the house.

The boy said he believes he heard at least three male voices but did not see all of the suspects.  He described the armed suspect as a Black male wearing all-black clothing.

The teens’ mother was at work but was texted by the daughter that someone was in the house before she was tied up. The mother called a neighbor for help. The neighbor confronted one of the suspects who was leaving the house and recorded the incident.

The suspect took off in a black Chevy Traverse. Surveillance video captured various images of him.

The teens were not injured in the incident.