How gas prices have changed in Bowling Green in the last week

Published 6:28 pm Tuesday, February 20, 2024

How gas prices have changed in Bowling Green in the last week

Gasoline prices rose by several cents on average nationwide over the last week. Prices remain at $3 per gallon or lower in many Midwestern metro areas and highest in cities on the West Coast.

The increase in prices at the pump represents an early jump at this point in the year, according to analysts who say seasonal upticks in gas prices usually begin several weeks from now.

The price of oil has risen to its highest level since November at $80 a barrel—a trend that would typically put upward pressure on gasoline prices. Those effects, however, have likely been muted by lower demand from drivers. Prices are expected to rise in the coming weeks as warmer temperatures arrive and refiners switch over to cleaner burning fuel blends—which are more expensive—for the summer months.

Stacker compiled statistics on gas prices in Bowling Green, KY metro area using data from AAA. Gas prices are current as of February 20.

Bowling Green by the numbers
– Gas current price: $3.05
— Kentucky average: $3.04
– Week change: +$0.13 (+4.4%)
– Year change: +$0.05 (+1.6%)
– Historical expensive gas price: $4.77 (6/11/22)

– Diesel current price: $3.95
– Week change: +$0.07 (+1.8%)
– Year change: -$0.22 (-5.3%)
– Historical expensive diesel price: $5.71 (6/10/22)

Metros with the most expensive gas
#1. Lihue (Kauai), HI: $5.20
#2. San Luis Obispo-Atascadero-Paso Robles, CA: $4.84
#3. Ventura, CA: $4.83

Metros with the least expensive gas
#1. Casper, WY: $2.56
#2. Lubbock, TX: $2.60
#3. Amarillo, TX: $2.67

This story features writing by Dom DiFurio and is part of a series utilizing data automation across 371 metros.