How gas prices have changed in Lexington in the last week

Published 10:02 pm Monday, March 20, 2023


How gas prices have changed in Lexington in the last week

While all is not necessarily calm on the homefront, U.S. consumers are still enjoying lower gas prices this week than the one prior.

A gallon of regular gas was $3.44 on average Monday, March 20, according to AAA. Stacker compiled statistics on gas prices in Lexington, KY metro area using data from AAA. Gas prices are current as of March 20. State gas tax data is from World Population Review.

The domestic economy is being wracked by falling trust in banks as smaller, regional lenders begin to announce failures in recent weeks. That economic stress is just beginning to show up in retail gasoline prices, which are slightly lower week-to-week.

“The broad concern over recent failures of the U.S. and global banking system has put enough downward pressure on oil prices that we saw a reprieve in rising gasoline prices in the national average last week,” Gasbuddy analyst Patrick De Haan said in a statement Monday, adding that it’s not likely to be a long-lasting trend.

Lexington by the numbers
– Gas current price: $3.17
— Kentucky average: $3.17
– Week change: +$0.04 (+1.2%)
– Year change: -$0.81 (-20.3%)
– Historical expensive gas price: $4.79 (6/10/22)

– Diesel current price: $4.08
– Week change: -$0.01 (-0.3%)
– Year change: $-0.84 (+-17.1%)
– Historical expensive diesel price: $5.92 (6/20/22)

Metros with the most expensive gas
#1. Lihue (Kauai), HI: $5.27
#2. San Luis Obispo-Atascadero-Paso Robles, CA: $5.11
#3. San Francisco, CA: $5.00

Metros with the least expensive gas
#1. Tulsa, OK: $2.79
#2. Lawton, OK: $2.89
#3. Abilene, TX: $2.90