Fudge, Amish goods, crafts and more — opening of Kentucky general store provides trip down memory lane

Published 7:01 am Sunday, September 12, 2021

The recent opening of The General Store at Creek Crossing at Lewis Creek in Letcher County has filled a void for local residents and given tourist all over the region a trip down memory lane.

The recent opening of The General Store at Creek Crossing at Lewis Creek in Letcher County has not only filled a void for local residents but has also become a destination for Harlan County residents and tourists from all over the region. Opening earlier in 2021, The General Store is located off Highway 119 on KY 3073 in a building that was previously a grocery store ran by Bob and Betty Lewis. The store building is attached to the Partridge Post Office and has been a fixture in the community for nearly 50 years.

Lewis Creek couple, Ernie and Tiffany Bullock Scott, leased the property from owners, Lewis-McNeil Properties. They opened the newly designed space in January of this year with resounding success. “Bob Lewis had the store since the 70s, and his mother had it before him. She had it in her house,” Tiffany said, “Bob had talked to my family before about taking it, and we just felt like now was the right time We spent the month of December renovating and remodeling. We knew we wanted to continue with Bob’s vision of groceries and deli meats, but we decided with the economy the way it is, that wouldn’t work for us by itself.”

With that in mind, Tiffany and Ernie made a marketing push towards tourism. Alongside basic grocery needs are Kentucky Proud arts and crafts, Amish goods, books by local authors, Harlan and Letcher County souvenirs, tee shirts, freshly baked food, and homemade fudge. Within the first week of opening, Tiffany says they sold 50 pounds of fudge.

The General Store has a menu that offers sandwiches, salads, and other specialty items as well as a case filled with in-house baked cookies, cake pops, and other delectable treats. To top off the experience, you can purchase old-fashioned glass bottle soda pop from a cooler and other vintage style foods and candies. The store has become a favorite of tourists who stop by for the “old fashioned mercantile” experience. The General Store takes one back to a simpler time of small local markets sprinkled throughout communities that were the hub of social gatherings. According to their Facebook page, “The General Store at Creek Crossing is the perfect combination of Coal Miner’s Daughter and a classic Hallmark Christmas Movie. Showcasing our love for our heritage and roots while grasping at the heart of what brings our community together; our goal is to provide an atmosphere that takes you back, coupled with events and festivities that brings us all together.”

The General Store at Creek Crossing is currently open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 8 pm with hours being seasonal.

Only ¼ mile from the Harlan County line, Harlan County residents are frequenting The General Store and are enjoying the specialty produce and Amish-made foods. With the success of the store, Tiffany says that they will be having “a big and exciting announcement” soon. No doubt, The General Store at Creek Crossing will be offering much more to the residents of Letcher and Harlan counties soon.