Kentucky trooper thought he was in trouble after speeding car passed him, then wouldn’t stop; Turns out there was a good reason why

Published 3:03 pm Saturday, July 31, 2021

A Kentucky State Trooper thought he was pulling over a speeder. When the driver wouldn’t stop, he thought the person may have been a heinous criminal.

He eventually managed to get the driver to pull over near Elizabethtown, Kentucky, where he quickly realized he was dealing with a completely different problem. It turns out the driver was a woman about to give birth.

So Trooper Jason Adkison quickly kicked into gear and escorted the woman, Jacqueline Cornish, to the hospital with his lights and sirens blaring.

He managed to get her to Hardin County Memorial Hospital where Cornish soon gave birth to baby Alisha on Thursday morning.

The trooper brought the newborn a teddy bear the next day.