Kentucky governor steers rental aid funds to Louisville, Lexington

Published 5:06 am Monday, June 7, 2021

Kentucky’s governor is steering nearly $40 million in federal pandemic relief funds for use in emergency rental assistance in the state’s two largest cities.

Gov. Andy Beshear directed that $27 million be used for rental assistance in Louisville and $11.7 million for Lexington’s program.

“This is part of our ongoing effort to help as many Kentuckians as possible with eviction and utility relief — landlords, tenants and utility companies,” Beshear said recently.

The money comes from the state’s portion of federal rental assistance money.

The state received $264 million for emergency rental assistance, Beshear’s office said. Beshear’s administration used money to launch an eviction relief fund that has processed more than $18 million to landlords and utilities across Kentucky on behalf of 2,800 renter households.

Louisville and Lexington applied for direct funding from the federal government for their rent and utility assistance programs. Beshear says the formula gave the two cities fewer funds than anticipated.