Most popular girl names in the 60s in Kentucky

Published 12:35 pm Saturday, May 15, 2021


Most popular girl names in the 60s in Kentucky

Every new parent faces the difficult decision of choosing the perfect name for a newborn. First names rarely get changed after being assigned and carry with them a wide range of meanings and associations. This creates a lot of pressure on expectant parents to pick the perfect moniker for their little ones.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many parents end up choosing the same names over and over. Research suggests that we pick specific names implying desired characteristics about our children, selecting names for boys and girls intended to shape them. Male monikers are commonly inspired by political, cultural, and personal influences that suggest good, masculine, and well-rounded people.

The 1960s are commonly associated with tie-dye-clad hippies, psychedelic experimentation, and rock ‘n’ roll icons like the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. But underneath the flower power, free love exterior, the ‘60s were a period of radical social and political change—not only in the United States but around the world. The decade was one characterized by a host of juxtapositions; anger and fear over injustice and uneasy political conditions lived alongside notions of musical awakening and pacifist harmony.

Stacker compiled a list of the most popular baby names for boys in the ‘60s in Kentucky using data from the Social Security Administration. Names are ranked by number of babies born. The names in this list represent the distinct intersection of Baby Boomer and Gen X and a reflection of some of the most well-known celebrities, musicians, and trends of the time. Keep reading to see if your name was among the most popular in the ‘60s in your home state.

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#50. Beverly

Beverly is a name of English origin meaning “beaver stream or meadow”.

– Number of babies from 1960 to 1969: 1,355
– Number of babies from 2010 to 2019: 10 (#1026 (tie) most common name, data not available compared to the 60s)