Kentucky cat’s tale proves nothing is im-paws-ible

Published 6:04 am Thursday, February 25, 2021

“One look and I knew it was him.”

That’s what went through Leesa Unger’s mind after seeing a photo of a long-haired male cat named “Abe” on the Franklin County Humane Society’s social media page. “Abe” looked strikingly similar to Harvey, a family pet who went missing in August 2019.

“After exchanging pictures, we confirmed he’s her long lost cat and just reunited them,” Kerry Lowary, humane society shelter manager, told The State Journal.
Last weekend the animal shelter took in Harvey from a rescue in Shelbyville and posted a photo of him on its Facebook page. Unger’s mother saw the post and texted it to her on Monday night.

“The fact that Harvey made it back to Frankfort is just pure luck,” Unger added. “If he hadn’t made it back to the Franklin County Humane Society, then we may have never seen him again.”

When Leesa and her husband, Daniel Johnson, got Harvey in 2010 through an ad on Craigslist, the cat was already full grown, declawed and neutered.

“I picked him up at a gas station from a lady,” she said. “She claimed that he was timid and stayed under her bed.”
But with the family, Harvey was quite the opposite — frisky, playful and the center of attention.

Before he went missing more than 1½ years ago, Harvey usually roamed outside during the day — never straying far from their downtown Frankfort home.

“He loved to be around us and I was surprised when he didn’t make it inside one night,” she said, adding that he’s a loud, vocal cat and when he didn’t come she knew something was wrong.

But Unger never stopped thinking about Harvey and it bothered her that he simply disappeared.

“I would wake up thinking about him randomly in the middle of the night and I often thought I heard his meow,” she remarked.