No water, no problem: Mom uses crawfish pot for kid’s bath

Published 5:54 am Saturday, February 20, 2021

Freezing temperatures, snow and ice aren’t doing much to prepare for the rapidly approaching peak crawfish season, but a Louisiana mom found the perfect use for her crawfish pot.

As thousands in Louisiana are without water due to the winter weather hitting the state hard, Marie Harper of Shreveport needed to find a way to give her kids a bath. She came up with the perfect idea.

A crawfish pot!

“I heard of friends heating snow to bathe their kids,” Harper told the USA TODAY Network. “Suddenly I realized we had the perfect equipment for this. We were just having fun.”

The pot was used to melt snow and warm up the water just in time for bath time, her sister Danielle Manning said on Twitter.

When the photo went viral, Manning shared a disclaimer under the post for anyone willing to try this with their kids: once the snow melts, put the whole pot on top of frozen snow to cool the bottom of the pot so the kids don’t get burned.

Harper also used the wooden paddle, typically used to stir the crawfish, to stir the snow and water around in the pot.

Not only are Louisianians getting a kick out of the viral photo, calling it “the most Cajun thing I’ve ever seen,” but Harper’s daughter in the photo Elise, 6, is a fan of being “kind of famous.”

“I kinda like it. But I’m also a little nervous about strangers wanting to take my picture on the street,” Elise said. “But mostly I’m excited.”

Caddo Parish officials said Wednesday it’s likely residents will be without water or have low water pressure through Saturday. Officials also said the city does not have the equipment necessary to salt or clear the snowy and icy roads.